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5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Web Development Agency

How do you know if an agency can handle your project? How do you know if an agency will be able to meet all of your needs, or if you’ll just be another number in their inbox? Here are five questions to ask any Web Development Agency Chicago before hiring them. You’ll learn about the agencies’ processes and how they go about meeting your needs. You may even find out about the services that are available that you didn’t know about before!

What does your company do best?

Ideaseat is an award-winning Web Development Agency Chicago that specializes in designing and developing high-performance websites for businesses of any size. With offices in Chicago and Los Angeles, we offer website design, SEO, PPC marketing, social media management, and more.

We believe that every business deserves an online presence that reflects their brand and engages their audience. Our team of expert designers and developers create memorable sites designed specifically for your goals.

Established in 2004, our award-winning firm has created hundreds of successful websites for customers around the world – including startups just starting out as well as Fortune 500 companies. We work with clients from all over the country – visit our website to view some of our work!

How long have you been around?

Ideaseat has been around since 2011, building and designing websites. We believe that the website is the face of your company and should be treated as such. We are one of the few web development agencies in Chicago that specialize solely on web design and development. Our team consists of talented designers and developers who work together to create high-performance websites for companies of all sizes, specializing in any industry. As you can see, there are many questions to ask before hiring an agency. We hope this blog post gave you some insight into what questions to ask when looking for a Web Development Agency Chicago.

Do you have examples of projects that you can show me?

Ideaseat has been building websites for over 20 years. Our team is comprised of talented designers, creative thinkers and skilled developers who can help you take your business from idea to execution. We provide the full-service treatment, from initial consultation through design, development and content management. We work with clients of all sizes, from start-ups and small businesses up to large corporations. Here are five questions you should be asking before hiring a Web Development Agency Chicago:

1) How much experience do they have?

2) Do they specialize in my industry?

3) Can they show me examples of their previous work?

4) What are their rates like?

5) What’s their timeline like?

What kind of support will I get after the project is done?

Ideaseat is committed to providing clients with the best possible customer service and support, as well as ongoing training and coaching. Our team of talented engineers work tirelessly to ensure all projects are completed on time and within budget. We also offer free lifetime software updates for all of our websites.

1) What kind of support will I get after the project is done? How does your company address any bugs or changes that come up after the project is complete?

2) Does your company provide ongoing training and coaching?

3) Can you provide past work examples of websites you’ve created or worked on?

4) How long has your company been in business?

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