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Tips to Manage A Live Streaming For The Non-Technical Marketer

Many people worry about the technicality of live streaming without even knowing that in-person event platform providers can help you with it. They have excellent features and functionalities that can be helpful in creating a seamless and immersive experience for your global audience.

Hence, the experts at webcast streaming services in India are here with 5 tips that can support a non-tech marketer to go live without hassle.

1. Create Live Event Anticipation With A live streaming platform

You can get chances to add different features in your live streaming that will be helpful in better branding throughout the event. It does not require you to learn any new technology. You can simply use these ideas with the help of webcast service providers. Some major examples of what you can get with the live streaming solutions for better marketing are as follows:


You can get complete independence to display various dynamic banners that can be helpful in the promotion. Brands can use different content formats, such as images, gifs, videos, brochures, flyers, teasers, trailers, product description videos, and other essential data.

Name Bands/Aston Bands:

You can use the Aston bands to display a short introduction of your speaker, session topic, and pointers you like. It can be helpful to make the audience know what and from whom they are learning new things. Also, you can add name bands after every transition to introduce the new speaker every time.


You can use the countdown timer to create a sense of urgency for the audience. Furthermore, your users will know the time left for sales, registrations, live streaming, and more. Hence, you can use it for registration or sales page as well as before your live streaming starts.

Transition Frame:

You have to make your live streaming videos a more attractive and impressive piece of content. It can be helpful in grabbing the audience’s attention without the hassle and impressing them with your unique style.

Third-Party Integration:

You may need more and more communication, engagement, management, payment, and networking opportunities in your event. What not? Furthermore, it can be helpful in giving your audience more sources and ways to connect with anyone they want in the event. Hence, you can integrate any external app or software to increase the chances. For instance, you can choose Whatsapp, Hubspot, BlueJeans, MS Team, Google Meet, and many more.

2. Guarantee A Quality Experience

You can guarantee a quality experience for your audiences which is only possible by choosing the best live streaming service. Furthermore, your online audience needs a proper connection, audio or video quality, and other things like this. Some of the things that you can control being a non-tech marketer are as follows:

Scalable Content Delivery:

You can use various types of content without hassle. The scalability in your live streaming refers to the ability to increase or decrease performance and cost. Furthermore, you can be responsive to changes in application and system processing demands.

Dedicated Platform:

You can get a separate space for your live streaming content with the help of streaming service providers. They will offer a completely customizable platform where you can design and add things according to your desires. It can be the colours, icons, names, spaces, bands, or anything. Everything will be as per your needs and instructions.

Custom Access Controls

: You can create a paid or free event with the best live streaming services in India. Also, you can manage who can access your event and who can not. In addition, you can mute and unmute comments in your event from any person without hassle.

Maximum Security:

You can get 100% safety and security from the start to the end of your event. No data will be shared or leaked from the event. Also, you can be free from the fear of cyber threats and attacks.

3. Continue To Promote And Repurpose Your Live Video Content

You can promote your event without hassle with just small tricks like developing content, such as guest blogs. Use emails with default and customization settings. Furthermore, go on social media with different content formats, such as gifs, teasers, trailers, images, infographics, and more. Also, you can ask your speakers and sponsors to promote on their channels.

4. Build A Campaign Around Vod Content

You can create a video on the demand platform with your recorded videos and other promotional stuff. It can be helpful to grab the audience who can not attend your event. Furthermore, you can reach the global audience with more flexible access to your content.

So, these are the various tips that can be helpful for non-tech marketers in managing live streaming without hassle in 2022. Also, you can get a lot of benefits if you pick the right webcast services.

Hope, you will find this article beneficial in managing your live streaming even without technical knowledge.

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