The Top 10 Platform Games for 2022

No matter what device you play on, the finest platform games are a terrific way to satisfy your 2D side-scrolling craving. Platformers’ straightforward principles, amusing graphics, and nostalgic atmosphere ensure they continue to be highly popular across the gaming spectrum. Additionally, the genre has been embraced by both independent creators and well-known studios, guaranteeing a huge selection of great titles.

But how can you pick the best option when so many excellent ones are available? The top gaming platform for each major console are covered in this article. Platformers with various subgenres, such as role-playing, adventure, puzzle, and more, are also included. The outcome? is a lengthy list that will not disappoint.

1.Rayman Legends.

Rayman Legends, the fifth game in the popular Ubisoft series, is a fun platformer with lots of adventure. The objective is to progress through the stages and collect Teensies while avoiding obstacles and opponents. There are more than 120 challenging levels in Rayman Legends, each with special difficulties. The game, accessible on PC and all the major consoles, has received praise from critics and players.

Ice Staff

Ice Staff is a new gaming platform that offers gamers the opportunity to experience the thrill of ice hockey. The platform is designed for professional and amateur players, and it offers a variety of options for customization and gameplay.

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2.Shovel Knight

Due to its enjoyable gameplay mechanics and entertaining plot, Shovel Knight is regarded as one of the best independent platform games. The player controls the Shovel Knight as he advances through the stages, eliminating every adversary in his path. By gathering riches and discovering new skills along the way, you can strengthen the Shovel Knight and give him strong new armor and weapons. But take caution! Shovel Knight’s mission must be ended, and the terrible Order of No Quarter will do everything it takes to bring him to an end. Believe you can defeat them? Visit Shovel Knight right now.

3. Fez

Fez is unquestionably the game for you if you enjoy puzzle platformers with cutting-edge physics and action-packed gameplay. What makes it so unique? Fez is a 2D platformer that is set in a 3D environment. The main character Gomez is confronted by the dissolution of the Golden Hexagon, a piece of equipment that keeps the equilibrium of space and time, at the start of the game. 2D and 3D viewpoints are available due to this cataclysmic event, creating new worlds. Grab your signature fez and proceed through the levels, solving puzzles to reveal your world’s secret as you go.

4. The Blind Forest: Ori

Explore and take in the astounding sights in the magnificent world of Ori and the Blind Forest. The game’s captivating narrative, stunning visuals, and excellent audio track create the perfect environment for a tremendous adventure. To restore equilibrium and the forest Ori considers home, navigates the map and solves puzzles. A fantastic Microsoft-only game called Ori and the Blind Forest has everything you could ever want in a platformer Metroidvania.


Look no further if you’re looking for an action-adventure game that also happens to be among the top apps for iOS and Android. Terraria is a randomly generated map-based game similar to Minecraft and The Legend of Zelda, allowing limitless exploration and innovation. Players are free to explore, mine resources, create forts, and do other activities to their heart’s content. There are plenty of mysteries to discover, and objectives are offered to lead players to new locales. The game Terraria has a thriving community and is frequently ported to new consoles.

6.Starbound .

The planet Earth was destroyed. Your classmates and teachers at the Terrene Protectorate Academy are no longer alive. You are the only one left in the errant shuttle, which has run out of fuel and power until a planet is visible!

Randomly generated maps support the grandiose sci-fi plot of Spacebound’s 2D adventure game. Mining materials, crafting, slaying foes, and night survival are all part of the gameplay. A linear questline that you can follow will also teach you more about yourself and the events back on Earth. Get on Starbound and experiment with your imagination.

Hollow Knight 7.

Hollow Knight was launched in 2017 for PC and major gaming platforms in response to the growing popularity of Metroidvania video games. The Knight, at the core of the gameplay, sets out on a mission to unearth long-buried facts about the Hallownest kingdom. Take command of the Knight and use your powerful sword to defeat enemies and solve the world’s riddles. The game has a variety of well-liked aspects, such as in-game money, boss raids, and an extensive spell system. The thing that stands out the most, perhaps? The stunning visuals engross you in the vibrant game world for days at a time.

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