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The most successful video games based on movies

Over time, various video games based on movies have been released. Some of them have been resounding failures, while others have been really interesting. We review the best.

The success achieved by some films has led to the creation of various video games based on films throughout history . Sometimes it is just an attempt to take advantage of the pull of the tape and they are low quality products. However, other times they are able to capture the freshness of the characters and propose a very entertaining story. We remember which are the most interesting.

Star Wars Battlefront 2

Based on the well-known Star Wars saga , this first-person shooting allows the user to get into the shoes of different characters in order to win the war.

Unlike the previous version, Star Wars Battlefront 2  has developed a strong storyline that serves as the plot line of the battles. In this way, it plays with the dichotomy between good and evil and offers the opportunity to play from the dark side . The creation of new scenarios and the choice of mythical characters from the saga are other of its strong points.

lego marvel avengers

It’s been a long time since Lego left aside dedicating itself solely to the construction of toys and embarked on more technological projects that include the making of video games and movies.

The casual and creative touch that permeates all its products makes it attract a large number of players.

Lego Marvel Avengers is a video game created with reference to the superheroes of the Stan Lee universe . The story revolves around the plot of the Avengers film  and its successive sequels. From that point on, the gamer will be able to enjoy a fast-paced adventure full of humor.

The mechanics of the game is relatively simple, since it is based on solving puzzles, undoing blocks of pieces or finding the solution to the enigmas raised. However, the possibility of being able to unlock characters until you have more than a hundred at your disposal makes it a very entertaining game.

Video games about James Bond

The elegant British spy is not only the protagonist of one of the most influential film sagas in history, but his films have also served as inspiration for numerous video games. Among them, there are some that are worth highlighting above the rest:

  • 007: From Russia with Love . Launched in 2005, it makes use of nostalgia to present us with an adventure based on one of the greatest film classics. Sean Connery is the protagonist of this well-constructed game that is an example of how a film should be adapted.
  • Quantum of Solace . Up to four studios worked together to create this interesting entertainment product. It was released at the same time as the tape to which it refers, but it shows that it has a previous laborious work that makes it highly recommended.

Alien Isolation

The Alien franchise has had numerous films and has served as inspiration for other products, such as the video game that we are proposing. In this case, the virtue of the title is knowing how to capture the mysterious air of Ridley Scott’s original film to achieve an interesting survival horror title .

The player will be able to experience in first person what it feels like to wake up and see that the ship is full of dangerous aliens. The dark air that permeates the game, as well as difficulty levels that adapt to the skills of the gamer, make it an addictive game.

Video games based on movies are a good tool to be able to play in the first person with the characters that seduced us in the movies. 

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