The best video games based on books

The best video games based on books

There are many titles that capture the stories and plots of other narrative works. We review which are the best, from The Witcher to Metro 2033

Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings not only have in common being blockbuster movie franchises, they are also great screen interpretations of literary works. As in the cinema, video games have also made novels a great source of inspiration for their stories .

And they are not exactly few. There are those who use them as atmosphere and background to their titles, such as Metro 2033 or The Witcher , and others who use them as the basis of their work, for example, Bioshock 1 or the first Assassin’s Creed .

Next, we break down which are the video games that have been based on narrative works that have managed to settle the most in the collective imagination of the sector and have best managed to deal with adaptation to a totally different medium.

Bioshock 1 and The Spring

The magnificent work of Irrational Games , led by Ken Levine , has one of its greatest inspirations in Ayn Rand’s Spring . Not because the plot is exactly the same, but because the underlying philosophy is the one reflected in the video game universe : an individualistic utopia in which citizens must follow their own interests and benefits achieved thanks to their work without thinking about the rest, that they are nothing more than a burden and a ballast.

In fact, the name of one of his villains is inspired by the author : Andrew Ryan. Also, like her, they were both born in the Soviet Union and fled to the United States because of the repression.

The phrase “who is Atlas?” appears on the game’s presentation poster , a direct reference to another of the writer’s books, Atlas Shrugged . All this, together with a superbly plotted plot and plot twists that keep you hooked, make Bioshock one of the best games ever .

The Witcher and Witcher Saga

When Andrzej Sapkowski sold the rights to his books to CD Projekt Red for €8,500 , he never thought that his works, which already had a certain reputation and consideration among Polish readers, would reach the heights of popularity they have now.

What’s more, even Netflix has decided to jump on the Gerald of Rivia bandwagon and make a television series about his exploits.

Actually, the history of the games and that of the books are totally alternate : the plot of the video games is located chronologically after Lady of the Lake , the last novel in the saga.

The story of the sorcerer is today one of the most read and most played , which always includes it in any ranking of the best adaptations of books to video games.

Dynasty Warriors and The Romance of the Three Kingdoms

This saga, developed by Omega Force , was at the time one of the most popular video games due to its magnificent interpretation of the Beat’em up genre . They recount, in a mixture of fiction and reality, the decline of the Han Empire in the year 169.

One of the strongest points of the game is the huge size of the scenarios , colossal for the capabilities of older consoles and that gave players brutal freedom of movement. The saga has been losing steam as more games have been developed, which even so, has more than 20 on the market and adapted to different consoles.

Metro 2033 and the works of Dmitry Glukhovsky

The Metro saga is set in a post-apocalyptic world located in the former Soviet Union where a series of survivors have to face monsters that try to eradicate the last remnants of society.

The game is based on the works of Dmitry Glukhovsky , from which it draws inspiration for much of the plot, as well as most of the monsters that appear in it.

One of the main differences between the book and the game is that in the first, society seems weaker and more fragile in the face of the threats it faces, while in the second, they seem to have enough tools to face them, as well as the mentality to do so. .

The work mixes reflective stories about ethics, philosophy, religion and science with terrifying action scenes, which in the game are more spectacular and violent and achieve a greater impact thanks to the possibilities of the medium.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. y ‘Picnic extraterrestre’

GSC Game World and its Stalker have clear influences on the novel by Arkadi Strugatski and Boris Strugatskiĭ , which they knew how to turn into a magnificent FPS that at the time did not have the impact that it has today.

The work, which mixes both role-playing and action elements, narrates the adventures of ‘El Marcado’, a character found unexpectedly with a tattoo on his arm that says stalker and who will be forced to face terrible enemies.

The place where history comes to life is the Chernobyl nuclear power plant , in which a series of monsters appear after the nuclear accident.

Of course, we are talking about a second radioactive explosion that was not real , located chronologically in the game and in the books in the year 2006, where a series of professionals from the former Soviet Union try to carry out an experiment that finally goes wrong, causing a series of monsters are created that want to end humanity

There are many more examples of good adaptations that remain in the inkwell, such as Bloodborne , Spec Ops: The Line, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six, 80 Days, Pillars of the Earth …

If you are a true lover of literature and video games and in your house you have a shelf full of works of both arts, make sure that no accident prevents you from enjoying it as much as you want.

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