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Nonimmigrant Visa Frequently Asked Questions

Before the Interview

  1. How do I apply for a nonimmigrant visa to the United States?
    Complete procedures for applying for a nonimmigrant visa are outlined on our website:
  2. Complete your DS-160 Online US VISA FAQ Application at
  3. Visit and create an account ID.
  4. Pay the application fee using the instructions on the website.
  5. Schedule an appointment for your visa interview online at or
    by phone through the Call Center. This service will be free of charge.
  6. Appear at your selected location and time for your interview.
  7. If the visa is approved, applicants will receive their passports with finished visas through the
    courier service.
  8. If the visa application requires further administrative processing or more documentation,
    applicants will be informed of next steps at the interview.
  9. If the visa application cannot be approved, documents and passports will be returned to the
    applicant immediately after the interview.
    Nonimmigrant Visa Categories
    Nonimmigrant Visa Categories Fees
    Tourist (B-1/B-2), Student (F and M), Exchange Program (J), Crew Member
    (C1/D), Journalist (I)
    Petition-based visa categories: H, L, O, P, Q, R $190
    E -Treaty Trader/Investor $205
    Fiancé Visa (K) $265
    Fees will be charged in Pakistani Rupees equivalent to the U.S. Dollar.
    Student (F-1) and exchange visitor (J-1) visa applications may require additional documents.
    Information regarding student documentation can be found here. Information regarding exchange
    visitor documentation can be found here.
    All visa interview appointments are scheduled through
    All visa applicants must appear in person for an interview (applicants applying for A or G
    diplomatic/international organization-type visas are exempted from this requirement).
  10. Arriving for Your Interview
    All applicants should use Diplomatic Shuttle Service from 3
    rd Avenue, Quaid-E-Azam University Road,
    G-5 Islamabad for their interviews. For complete instructions, please see our website
    ( or contact your local Call Center.
  11. Visa Wait Times
    The average wait time for an interview is three to ten days from the date of application submission.
    In addition, administrative processing requirements following the interview may increase the amount
    of time a successful applicant will wait before receiving a visa. We recommend that applicants submit
    visa applications at least three months before they intend to travel to the US VISA APPLICATION PROCESS and do not
    finalize travel plans until actually receiving the visa.
  12. What documents do I need to bring to the interview?
    The most important part of the interview is the conversation between the applicant and the consular
    officer. In many cases, the consular officer will determine an applicant’s qualification for a visa
    without extensive document review. However, this does not mean that applicants should not bring
    any documentation. Applicants are encouraged to bring documents they believe will demonstrate
    compelling reasons to depart the United States and an intention to abide by the terms of the visa.
  13. I would like to provide information in support of the nonimmigrant visa application of my
    relative, friend, or colleague. What should I do?
    You are welcome to provide the applicant with information or documents that may support his or her
    application. Please note that consular officers do not review most visa applications prior to the
    applicant’s interview. Therefore, we are unable to accept letters of invitation or other supporting
    documentation prior to the interview. This regulation ensures that all applicants receive fair,
    unprejudiced consideration in accordance with U.S. law. During the interview, applicants may present
    documentation or other information upon the consular officer’s request.
  14. Medical Treatment or Illness/Death of a Family Member
    Applicants who need to travel to the United States urgently for emergency medical treatment or the
    sudden illness or death of a family member may be eligible for an expedited interview appointment.
    In such cases, applicants should submit their request for an expedited appointment via the online
    appointment system at After you have submitted your request for
    an emergency appointment, the Embassy will review the request and you will be notified whether the
    appointment is approved or denied. We will make every effort to accommodate approved requests for
    the nearest business day, however we cannot guarantee appointment availability. The Embassy
    reserves the right to determine what constitutes an emergency. Any case that is determined not to be
    an emergency will need to schedule for a later date according to the online nonimmigrant visa
    appointment schedule at
    There is no specific set of documentation required for a non-immigrant visa. However, an applicant may
    prefer to bring the following documents that may establish his/her eligibility for urgent consideration:
     Medical reports from the Pakistani Hospital
     A letter from the U.S. hospital regarding the estimated cost required for the treatment
     A letter from the U.S. hospital regarding the length of treatment
     An appointment letter from the U.S. hospital
     Financial statements that you can pay the medical expenses
     Medical diagnosis from a local physician, explaining the nature of the ailment and the reason
    you need treatment in the U.S.

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