The end of the year festivities are coming, time of year when many people take the opportunity to take a vacation with their family. By habit, some precautions are always more routine, such as preventive inspections with the car, programming the itinerary and the destination of the trip, tours, new adventures and places to discover… trip an unforgettable experience!

However, we often end up forgetting important details that are not in our travel plans. Regardless of the weather, we need to get some things straight so we don’t have any unpleasant surprises on our return. Leaving the house safe and organized is synonymous with a smooth trip. UNA listed some essential items for care before leaving.

Some places don’t accept pets, or leaving them in town may be your choice. Whatever the situation, you need to ensure your pet’s well-being during your absence. Leaving the animal at home is a good suggestion, as it is already used to the space and will not be surprised during the time of your trip, but for that you need to have someone you trust to come to your house daily to feed it. , water and, of course, some cuddles. If you don’t have this person, some professionals are already specializing in this type of care, known as Pet Sitters. Don’t have access to one of them? You can drop them off at a friend’s house, a relative’s house or host them in a hotel. Today we already have easy access to spaces that are very well prepared to receive your little friend, with the physical structure and staff to guarantee a peaceful, comfortable and safe stay.

Taking care of house plants is also important.:

Again, the help of someone you trust is the best option, but if you don’t have someone there are some tricks you can use. Use self-watering pots, which have a water compartment that remains in contact with the plant’s root, keeping it always irrigated, as it will only absorb the amount necessary for its survival. This will guarantee at least 15 days until you have to fill the reservoir again. Another option is to use the drippers, which will irrigate the plants little by little, having, depending on the model, an autonomy of up to 20 days. Speaking of water, it is recommended to close the general water inlet valve, in the case of apartments, to avoid problems caused by leaks that may occur during the period of your trip.

Another care is with the appliances that remain in the socket. You being out there is no need to keep them on. In addition to saving energy, this will protect the appliances from electrical discharges, for example, which can happen due to heavy rains or power outages. So remember, don’t leave TV sets, microwaves, computers, among others, turned on! The only thing that should remain on is your refrigerator, as it can suffer some damage if it is not working for a long time. Some models have the vacation function, which keeps the device running with reduced levels of energy consumption. Speaking of refrigerator, no leaving food or food stored. In the same way, remove the garbage from the house, clean and put away all the dishes, and leave all the rooms in the house organized. Nothing better than returning from the trip with a clean house waiting for your family, right? TRY ATV IN LA

Taking care of security is also essential.:

If you live in an apartment, your space is already safer, as the access of external people ends up being controlled and monitored daily. Now if you live at home, make sure you lock all windows and doors, inform your monitoring company about the period of your absence, suspend the delivery of magazines and newspapers. Another important tip, but a little difficult, is to avoid talking about the holidays on your social media. TRY ATV in CONNECTICUT

All ready? Not yet! Vacations do not prevent the expiration of bills and slips. Check the dates and schedule payments. This will avoid possible service cuts and payment of interest rates due to delays.

Now, it’s time to enjoy the parties with much more tranquility!

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