How to Cure Your Chronic Pain Problems Solved by Tramadol?

How to Cure Your Chronic Pain Problems Solved by Tramadol?

Overview of tramadol:

Tramadol is a type of medication which falls under the category of narcotic analgesics or opiate and is a type of painkiller which is effectively used to treat pain which can be moderate to severe in severity. This drug is usually prescribed in situations where all other painkillers have been tried with no luck. In such cases doctors prescribe this drug to deal with long term pain which other drugs fail to treat previously. This does not mean that the pain will completely go away with the help of tramadol rather a person would not feel the pain as much. Tramadol is a prescription only drug and comes in form of capsules, liquid and tablets. It is important to mention here that Tramadol is a short term cure for pain not long term treatment option because a person may develop tolerance to drug which may make the medication less effective as time passes. Sleeping pills UK may be an option to deal with pain but for short term only. 

Different brands of tramadol:

Tramadol is a generic drug and is available in different brands across different parts of the world. The most common brands of tramadol include Ultram, Conzip, Durela, Zytram, Ultracet, Tridural etc. Moreover, tramadol comes in different dose strengths. It is available in immediate release tablet forms, extended release tablets and capsules and comes in dose strengths of 50 mg, 100 mg, 150 mg, 200 mg etc. UK Sleeping Pills can be another option to deal with short term pain. 

Side effects of tramadol:

Like many other medications for pain and over the counter sleeping pills, tramadol may also lead to risks and side effects if used in high doses or when used as a long term treatment option. Below are the frequent side effects of tramadol.

  1. A person may feel drowsy and sleepy while taking this medicine.
  2. Dizziness is another side effect of this medication.
  3. Dry mouth and constipation are another common side effects of this drug.
  4. A person may also complain of headaches after using this medication. 
  5. Vomiting.
  6. A person may develop tolerance to the drug.
  7. If this medication is stopped abruptly, a person may encounter withdrawal symptoms.
  8. A person may also experience shaking of any part of the body which may be uncontrollable.
  9. Indigestion and heartburn are some stomach disorders reported by people who use tramadol.
  10. A person may also suffer from seizures which is a severe side effect but is rare. 

Dosage of tramadol:

Usually the dose of tramadol is low at the start of the treatment and is gradually increase over time. Normally the tablets and solution form of this drug is increase after every three days while the extend release tablets and capsules can be increase after every five days. The dosing guidelines for different age groups is as follows:

  1. Adults:

To overcome chronic pain in adults, the dose of tramadol extend release capsules is 100 mg to be take once a day and not go beyond 300 mg a day. In case of extend release tablet the initial dose is same as capsules i.e. 100 mg a day and can be increase to 300 mg a day. For moderate to severe pain the dose of tramadol disintegrating tablets should be 50 mg to 100 mg initially and can be increase to 400 mg a day as advised by the doctor. The dosing pattern is taking the drug every four to six hours. While the solution form of tramadol should be take in the dose of 25 mg a day and same go for the tablets. Apart from this adults can Buy Sleeping Pills Online for the purpose of treating their moderate pain. 

  1. Children:

In case of children who are more than 16 years of age, the dose should be decide by the doctor. While for children less than 16 years, tramadol should not be use at all. For children to deal with pain, you can take the help of OTC Sleeping Pills but after consulting the doctor. 

  1. Older patients:

People who are more than 75 years of age can use the oral form of tramadol i.e. tablets in the dose of 25 mg a day in the morning and the dose can be increase depending on the tolerability of the drug and as advised by the doctor. Older patients can also use over counter sleeping pills UK to treat their pain. 

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