How to Reply to Instagram Comments, Messages and DMs?

It may be hard to maintain song and reply to Instagram remarks, messages and DMs. So we decided to whip up an editorial that outlines the precise steps to achieve this to your mobile app in addition to out of your desktop this instagram comments

Let’s get commenced.

Reply to Instagram Comments on Mobile App

Let’s begin with the most fundamental functionality – replying to IG feedback at the mobile app. The steps are simply smooth.

First, go to the publish wherein you need to reply to a remark.

Now, tap on the [View all comments] link. You ought to now see all the remarks with the latest ones at the lowest.
Tap [Reply] for the comment you’d like to reply to. The input box will now have the IG username of the individual you’re replying to.
Enter your remark and hit [Post]

Reply to Instagram Comments from Web Browser

Alright, you might be a person who enjoys the usage of the computing device manner extra than their phones. And why not, it’s less distracting and facilitates you get paintings done quicker.

Now you may have interaction with Instagram using your internet browser as nicely, which become confined earlier by means of them.

Follow the short GIF or the steps below:

Go to the IG put up wherein you need to reply to a comment
Scroll the right section to view the comments
Click [Reply] for the remark you want to reply to
Enter your reply and click on [Post].

  1. Reply to a selected message on Instagram DMs
    Let’s communicate about how you may reply to an Instagram DM. You may also get hold of a number of DMs out of your customers for your IG account. And it’s of utmost significance to reply to every one of them in a timely manner.

Here are the stairs to respond to a particular message on IG DMs:

Hover your mouse over the message you want to reply to.
Click the curved arrow to reply to the message

Add your message and hit [Send].

Manage Instagram DMs without problems in a Shared Inbox
Try DelightChat – the omnichannel helpdesk that helps you to manipulate aid throughout channels like Instagram, FB, WhatsApp, Emails, Live Chat in one easy-to-use dashboard.

An simpler way to answer to Instagram remarks and DMs
All the steps above may be clean if you have very few messages coming in each day. But as you scale your logo, it is simple to wander away in the hundreds of messages every day.

We construct Delightchat that will help you manipulate your Instagram, Facebook, Emails, and extra!

Let’s see how you may respond to feedback, DMs, and immediately send a message as a respond to a remark with DelightChat.

  1. Reply to Instagram Comments
    After you log in to your DelightChat account, you’ll see the related support channels. Select Instagram, and you have to be capable of view all of the comments which have come through.

Select the comments from the second one section and then hit reply for the comment which you need to answer to. That’s it 🙂

  1. Reply to Instagram remarks via Direct Messages
    There’s another option to reply to remarks on DelightChat. What in case you do no longer need to respond publicly to a remark?

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