How to delete drafts on Instagram

If you are among the 500 million daily active users of Instagram, you have certainly composed some posts on Instagram before. Using Instagram as a rough draft can simplify your work. To post on Instagram at the optimal time, you can, for instance, save drafts and how to delete drafts on Instagram. 

In case you decide against publishing a photo on Instagram, the app has a handy drafts feature. If it’s a good shot that you plan on spending more time editing later, how to delete drafts on Instagram that’s great; if it’s a bad photo that you don’t care about uploading, it will remain in your drafts until you delete it. 

Learn the Ins and Outs of Instagram Drafts for Your Use.

If you have a personal account, saving drafts on Instagram is not tough for you. It’s rather simple; just follow these directions:

  • Tap the ā€˜+ā€™ icon in the bottom center of your IG feed.
  • Pick the media file that you wish to share.
  • Now you can make changes or select the desired filter.
  • Next, compose an intriguing IG caption and use the best Instagram hashtags. Then, select the left-pointing arrow at the very top of the screen.
  • Press on the arrow once more.
  • Instagram will now provide you the choice to either delete or keep the post as a draft.
  • You can now save the working copy.

Instagram has made it easier than ever to save work in progress. In most cases, the situation is that simple. In the sections that follow, we’ll address any concerns you may have concerning the accessibility of drafts on Instagram and provide a solution. Now that we’re discussing the pros and cons of preserving Instagram drafts, I should mention that there is a catch.

You can’t save a draft of a post without first editing the image, adding any necessary Instagram effects, or adding a caption. You’ll also need to use an Instagram filter on your video before you can click the “Save draft” button.

What, then, do you do if you want to upload a lengthy video on Instagram but don’t want to use any filters? You need to download trustworthy third-party software now. Therefore, you shouldn’t fret.

We believe that AiGrow is the optimal choice for your needs. This is a great tool for scheduling and reposting Instagram content. Plus, you can share videos from YouTube directly on Instagram. In that case, why wait any longer?

grow is now available for immediate access.

Instagram for Business: Save Drafts for Later!

Users with business accounts on Instagram may now utilize the official app to save drafts. Save as a draft, however, requires a few extra steps than before. It used to be that everyone could use the same basic process to submit photographs and videos, modify them, add captions, and then return to the first step to access the ‘Draft’ function.

To access Instagram Insights, however, users must now do the following:

1. To make a post, open Instagram, navigate to your “Insights” tab, and then scroll down to “Create Post.”

2. Tap the arrow twice in the upper left corner of the screen once you’ve uploaded the desired photo, written an appealing caption, tag people, and applied all the other settings.

3. A window has opened up, allowing you to either cancel all of the edits or save the post as a draft on Instagram.

Okay, that’s all I have to say! With a business account, this is the precise procedure for saving Instagram drafts. If you want to know how to view drafts on Instagram, then keep reading.

Exactly Where Can I Find Instagram Drafts?

I’ve got my saved drafts, but where are my unsent Instagram posts?

The questions just keep coming, and you don’t seem to get them. Then, let’s talk about where to look for drafts on Instagram as you guys have asked!

The procedure may be difficult, but you are up to the task. It’s important to note that whether you’re using an Instagram profile for business or pleasure, the process for locating drafts will be different.

To successfully manage a business Instagram account, you need to make use of the analytics features. The same procedure applies here; launch Instagram Insights and navigate to the “create post” tab.

If you’re wondering, “Where are my Instagram drafts?” this is the article for you.

The captions will be displayed on top of your gallery images.

Follow these steps if you want to create a personal webpage:

  • To add something to your feed, click the “+” icon that should be towards the center of the bottom of your screen.
  • You can now select a new image in the ‘Gallery tab, and write your drafts in the ‘Drafts tab.
  • If you select “Drafts,” a list of all the drafts that you have created, including photos and videos, will show.
  • By clicking the arrow in the corner on the right, you can review and make any final adjustments to your caption before publishing.

Now that you know how to see and modify Instagram drafts, let’s move on to another frequently asked issue.

What is the Instagram draft delete link for the year 2022?

Here are the simple actions you need to take in 2022 to remove drafts from Instagram.

  • Throw open the Instagram app.
  • Select the post, story, or reel whose draft you wish to remove, then click the “+” icon in the top right.
  • Select the drafts tab, which is located next to the galleries tab, here.
  • If you want to make changes to a draft post on Instagram, select the Manage tab, then the pencil symbol.
  • Previously saved drafts can be accessed here.
  • The media you wish to remove from your Instagram draft can now be chosen.
  • Then select the Done button.
  • When you’re done, use the “Discard posts” button in the page’s footer.

Instagram for Android: How to Delete a Draft

Here are the steps you need to remove Instagram drafts on your Android device.

  • Launch Instagram on your Android device.
  • To make a new post, go to the “+” tab and then the “post” tab.
  • Then, move to the manage section by clicking the draft tab.
  • Select the post you wish to delete and click the “edit” button.
  • You should then select the Done button.

When using an iPhone, how do you clear off Instagram drafts?

Here’s what you need to know about “how to erase drafts on Instagram iPhone” if you’ve been searching for an answer.

  • Launch Instagram on your iOS device.
  • To add a new post, click the plus sign.
  • Then, choose the “draft” option and the “manage” tab.
  • Next, select the “Edit” tab. You can erase Instagram drafts by selecting the posts you want to remove and then clicking “done.”
  • Toss it out now by tapping the trash icon.

Instagram: how to remove a video clip from the drafts folder

Here are the simple measures you can take to remove the unfinished Instagram video.

  • To publish an image or video to Instagram, tap the plus sign (+) in the app’s upper right corner
  • Launch a draft by clicking the Drafts button, then navigate to the Manage section.
  • To make changes, select the edit button in the top right.
  • To remove a draft video from Instagram, select it and hit delete.
  • Select “reject” from the menu that appears.



We trust you now know everything you needed to know about how to delete drafts on Instagram and how to remove them. Instagram will archive your old bios for 2022 users to peruse.

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