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How can I convert likes to followers on Instagram?

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Having massive followers on Instagram can be rewarding but at the same time, it can be challenging especially if you’re selling products and services. You’ll end up with a lot of messages in your inbox and you have to reply to all these messages manually. superviral is the best site to get more followers on instagram.

If your business can afford it, you have to set up customer care personnel to take care of queries received. It will still be a daunting task for them if you’re receiving hundreds or thousands of queries.

If you still feel you’re able to handle replying to user messages, there is still one thing that’s missing and that’s fast response time. Prospects and your customers don’t like waiting, when you’re delaying replying to their messages it means you’re losing conversions. If you take hours before replying to their messages, chances are they will move to your competitor especially if they’re responding to their messages fast.

Every successful business owner knows how important it is to respond to customer queries on time and they will do everything they can to ensure that their customer queries are attended to in time.

The best way to handle customer messages when you’re receiving a lot of messages on Instagram is by setting up Auto DM. Some might think it’s impossible to send the right messages to every user. If you already know some of the questions asked by your prospects, you will be able to set auto DMs and send the appropriate message.  

how can I convert likes to followers on instagram for free?

Instagram Auto DMs can be set up based on certain actions; for instance, you can choose to send automated messages whenever someone follows your profile, this can be an introduction message explaining your profession or business and services.

You can also send the auto DMs by setting words which when identified in the user messages, the appropriate message will be sent based on the words and phrases contained. You can use auto DMs to send messages whenever users perform some activity on either your profile or posts. In this article, we’ll talk about how to send auto DMs on Instagram and how you can send these messages to your new followers with ease.

Why Should You Use Auto DMs On Instagram?

There are lots of reasons why you want to consider setting up auto DMs on Instagram, it all comes down to the challenges you’re currently facing while running your business on Instagram. Let’s take a look at the benefits that come with setting up Instagram Auto DMs; how can I convert likes to followers on instagram youtube?

It saves your time; This is one of the main reasons why Instagram users resort to using Auto DMs; they’re great time savers and it doesn’t matter if you’re the one replying to the messages or if you hire someone onsite to respond to the messages. Replying to the messages manually is time-consuming and it’s boring at the same time because you’ll be replying to the same messages every single day. If you’re able to build the right system that will take off 90% of the tasks, wouldn’t that be a game-changer for promoting your business on Instagram? I bet it would because every business owner is looking for ways to save time and make more money while improving their business. Instagram Auto DM will save you time in different ways and it’s strongly recommended that you take advantage of it. Most successful brands on Instagram are utilizing Auto DMs to improve the effectiveness of doing business on the platform.

Speed up the rate at which you’re replying to messages; This is another benefit of using Instagram auto DMs for your business. If you still believe you have enough time to respond to all your prospects, you’ll find that it’s going to take time because you can’t handle multiple users at a time. You can only concentrate on one message at a time, and you’ll end up staring at the screen all day replying to messages not knowing that you can shorten the process. Shortening the time for responding to customer queries means you’re providing better customer support and you will have higher conversions for your offers. Imagine a prospect asks a question and they receive an instant reply to a query that solves their problem, wouldn’t that increase the likelihood of doing business with you? I will tell you that it will because nothing beats a fast response to customer queries when it comes to running any business online.

You’re saving money; If you hire customer care reps to manage your Inbox, you will be paying them a decent amount to sit down all day answering questions received from prospects or promoting your products and services. Instagram auto DMs can help you eliminate the costs of hiring customer care reps whether they work remotely or they work onsite. If you are having like five customer care reps, with auto DMs you can cut them to one or two so that they can only attend to queries requiring a personal representative. Of course, we’re not saying that Automated DMs can take care of your customers 100%, human interference is still needed. The Auto DMs on the other hand if used properly can cut off 80% of the time required to respond to messages. how can I convert likes to followers on instagram pc;

Respond to messages while away; With automated DMs, messages are sent even if you’re asleep or you’re not logged into your Instagram account. The Auto DM is a system that runs on autopilot and can work 24/7 on your behalf to provide better customer service to your prospects and even your customers. All these mean providing better service to your customers within a short period.

Sending Welcome Messages

This is the area where most businesses failed to take advantage of because when users follow your profile you shouldn’t just let them walk away. You need to send them introductions or welcome messages that briefly explain what you’re up to on the platform. You should use welcome messages to introduce yourself and you can share link sources that provide more details about you, it can be your links to other social networks especially the ones you have massive followers so that they can understand your authority and so on. how can I convert likes to followers on my instagram page:’

Answer FAQs

Most of the messages sent to businesses on Instagram are questions and this can be taken care of with ease if you set up Auto DMs. To use automated messages for answering FAQs, you need to know all the common questions asked by your prospects. This way you can understand the keywords they use so that you can set the tool or service you’re using to reply to such keywords with the given answer provided. Every business that wants to provide better customer care service should use Auto DMs to answer questions asked by prospects on complete autopilot.

Provide Instructions

Most users will contact you for instructions on how to use your product or how to place orders. Auto DMs can be used to send them all the information you believe they need, or you can just provide a link to sources where they can get every information they need about your business and services. We recommend providing a link to an external source since Instagram has restrictions when it comes to formatting your message. Add all instructions on a website and then send a short text message that forwards them to the link. how can I convert likes to followers on instagram fast?

Send Contact Info, Shipment, and Payment Details

Instagram has limits to the number of characters you can use in your profile bio, you don’t have the freedom to add your contact details, shipment, and payment details. Not only that, you want to make sure your prospects and customers have a means of reaching out to you even off the platform. Providing your contact email or phone number will convince users to do business with you since you have provided real contact details. If you’re into eCommerce, you have to provide payment details and shipment information or you’ll end up receiving a lot of messages requesting the info. By sending them to your followers before they even ask, you are saving your time than replying to them manually.

Increase Your Engagement

Exchanging DMs on Instagram is part of engagement and the more you are exchanging messages with a user the more Instagram will consider such an account as a close one. When this happens, all your posts will be on top of their feed. Secondly, when you send the Auto DMs, you have initiated a conversation with them that forces them to reply to you. You have triggered them to start a conversation that will help you convert them into customers, this means you have increased the engagement between you and them.

Market Your Products And Services With Ease

Prospects need to be reminded of the offers and services that you provide; research shows that an offer or a product has to be seen by a prospect at least five times before they take action. This means you have to constantly showcase your offers if you want to get better conversions. Marketing your products and services manually isn’t the solution especially if you have massive followers. You should let Auto DM tools take care of it for you, you can compose your marketing messages and send them to all your prospects and you can send out your messages based on location or hashtags.

Does The Instagram App Allow Sending Auto DMs To New Followers?

No, you cannot send Auto DMs to every new follower of your account, you have to use third-party apps or services to create such tasks. But the Instagram app can still be used to set up “Quick Reply”, the option comes with a lot of limitations as it only allows users to send replies based on keywords, like when a user asks a question and so on.

You can’t use the Instagram app or the web version to send auto DMs when a user comments on a post or when they become your profile follower. We’ll talk about Instagram’s “Quick Replies” later, but for now, we’ll talk about how to send auto DMs to new followers using a powerful tool you don’t want to miss.

How To Auto DM New Followers On Instagram

The most effective tool you can use for sending auto DMs to new followers on Instagram is Gramto, it’s an all-in-one Instagram growth tool for users to manage their inbox and entire Instagram profile with ease. Gram can schedule your messages, can like user posts and stories, comment on posts, and automate a lot of tasks on Instagram. how can I convert likes to followers on the instagram computer,

Gram is a cloud-based app that doesn’t require any installation and that also means it can be accessed from any device. Let’s share the steps involved in sending auto DMs to your new followers on Instagram.

First, you need to visit the official website at to sign up for a free account. They offer a free 3-days-trial and a credit card isn’t required before creating the free account. If you also like, you can signup for a pro account that costs $9/Month.

The free trial account offers a lot of functionalities and a few limitations as well. You can manage and maintain one account with the free account to test most of the features available. Once you signup for a free account, you can see all the features available for the free account and the limitations as well. If you want to manage multiple accounts, you need to upgrade to the version.

Once you have created your account, you should log in using your credentials.

You then connect your Instagram account; you have nothing to worry about because your account details are safe with them and that’s the only way you provide access to the tool to manage your Instagram account even while you’re offline. To connect your account, you should click on the option “Accounts” which is on the left panel, then you click on “New Account”.

You’ll be prompted to add a username and password for the Instagram account you want to connect to. Once login is successful, you can see the account added from the menu panel. As stated earlier, you can add multiple accounts and you need to follow the same steps to add them, all of them will be listed so that you can always choose the account you want to schedule your tasks. The multiple accounts feature is only available to pro users, you have to upgrade if you want to use such features.

After connecting the Instagram account, you should click on the “Auto DM” option which is also on the left panel at the bottom of the screen, you’ll be asked to select the account you want to send the Auto DMs with.

Under this tab, you should activate the message, you can also pause the message if you want from this tab. After activating the message and having added all the parameters, click on save.

Your composed message will now be sent from the selected account and every new follower you get will receive your message on Autopilot.

Gram to offers the option to view the Activity log so that you can check DM status and other analytics of the auto DM.

You can see that it’s pretty easy to use Gramto for sending auto DMs to new followers on Instagram and you can start using the app for free. There are still other tools you can use, but Gramto is no match for them.

Let’s now talk about the “Instagram Quick Replies” which is also another way to send automated DMs by using the official Instagram app for free. But as already stated, you can’t set the app to send auto DMs to new followers, you can only send based on keywords.

How To Send Instagram Auto DMs With Quick Replies

The Instagram quick replies feature is only available to Instagram business profiles. You have to upgrade your Instagram account which is free, and the steps are pretty easy to follow as well, let’s take a look at them.

Select Settings from the menu and then Account.

You’ll be able to see one of these two options; Switch to a professional Account or Switch to Business Account. You choose whichever option is available to you.

You then have the options Business or Creator, you should tap on Business.

Tap on the Next button and you’ll be prompted to connect to your Facebook page and you need to login into your Facebook account. You can create a new Facebook page if you don’t want to use an existing page or if you don’t have any page at all.

After creating or connecting a page, you should select Done. Your Instagram account is now a business account and there are a lot of benefits that come with it. One of them is that you have full access to the analytics dashboard that allows you to monitor the growth of your account, you can view the percentage of your followers from each country and you’re able to see when they’re active the most. Most importantly, you are now ready to use Instagram’s quick replies.

How To Set Up Quick Replies Using The Instagram App

  • Open Instagram and visit your profile page as you did previously by clicking on the profile picture.
  • Click on the three lines at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Choose Settings from the options displayed.
  • Tap on Business from the menu.
  • From the options displayed, Quick Replies should be listed and you need to tap on that.
  • The Quick Replies manager screen will show up and it will look empty since you haven’t created any quick replies in your account.
  • how can I convert likes to followers on instagram windows 10

Tap on the + that’s at the top of the screen.

You’re now presented with all the fields required to compose your message. The first option allows you to type the message and the second option which is the shortcut allows you to add phrases and keywords that will be used to detect user queries for sending out quick replies. You have to add relevant keywords that users send through the DM when contacting.  You should understand that users must send you a message through DM, not in comments for quick replies to work. This is one of the downsides of using Instagram quick replies; it works only in the DM and you will not be able to send messages to your new followers or when users comment on posts. Using the tool above which is Gramto is the best way to send automated DMs without any restrictions. how can I convert likes to followers on instagram gratis. check now

Use these tools wisely to avoid risking your Instagram account. Gram is the best tool we recommend because it has a lot of powerful features, you should visit to explore all the features they have and also claim your free trial account.

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