Challenges with Profile Submission That You Should Be Aware Of:

No doubt, profile submission is one of the effective techniques for SEO, but it has its challenges. This post will discuss 8 challenges with profile submission that you should be aware of. By knowing these challenges, you can take the necessary actions to overcome them and improve the effectiveness of your profile submission strategy.


1. Time-Consuming

Creating profiles on different websites and filling out the necessary information can be time-consuming. And if you’re doing it manually, it can take even longer. So, planning and allocating enough time for the task is essential if you’re looking to submit profiles on a large scale. Or you can hire someone to do it for you; in this way, you can focus on other aspects of your SEO strategy.

2. Need to Find High-Quality Sites

All the profile submission websites are not the same in DA PA and other states. You should only focus on high-quality websites for better results. These websites will help you to get more exposure and traffic.

If you don’t check the website states like spam score and other things, there is a massive chance of getting penalized by Google. You should avoid these kinds of websites and focus on high-quality websites.

3. Requires Accurate Data

When submitting profiles, it’s essential to have accurate data. This includes the name, address, phone number, email address, website URL, and social media links. Any inaccuracies can result in your profile being rejected or flagged as spam. However, even if your profile is accepted, the inaccuracies can still hurt your SEO efforts by preventing potential customers from finding your business online.

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4. Duplicate Content Issues

Another challenge with profile submission is duplicate content. This happens when you have the same content on multiple profiles. This can happen if you create profiles on different websites and use the same content or multiple profiles on a single website with the same content. Either way, this can cause problems with your SEO.

There are a few ways to deal with duplicate content issues. One way is to use different versions of your content on each profile. This means you would have slightly different versions of your content on each profile. Another way to deal with this issue is to use a rel=”canonical” tag on your profiles.

5. You Can Be Penalized By Google

If you’re not careful, you can be penalized by Google for your profile submission activities. This is because Google doesn’t like when people use low-quality or spammy websites to build links. If you submit your profiles to low-quality or spammy websites, you could get hit with a Manual Action from Google. This will hurt your rankings and traffic, so you want to avoid it.

To avoid being penalized, ensure you only submit your profiles to high-quality websites. There are a few ways to check whether a website is of high quality. First, you can check their Domain Authority with Moz’s Open Site Explorer. A website with a high Domain Authority is more likely to be high quality.

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You can also check the website’s backlink profile. With the help of the Majestic tool, you can do this. If a website has a lot of low-quality backlinks, it’s more likely to be low-quality. You can also check the website’s spam score with Moz’s Spam Score Checker. A website with a high spam score is likelier to be low quality.

6. Your Profile May Not Be Approved

Even if you submit your profile to a high-quality directory, there is no guarantee that it will be approved. The directory may have specific requirements that your profile doesn’t meet. For example, the directory may require a certain number of characters or words in the bio section. If your profile doesn’t meet the requirements, it will be rejected. So, make sure to check the requirements before submitting your profile.

7. You Might Not Get Many Followers

The next challenge is that you might not get many followers. This is because many are already doing profile submissions, and most have hundreds or thousands of followers. So, if you’re just starting, it’s going to be very difficult to get noticed and to get people to follow you.

However, there are some things that you can do to increase your chances of getting followed. One is to offer something unique that other people aren’t offering. Another is to be active and engage with other users on the site.

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8. It Takes Time to See Results

Profile submission is a long-term strategy. It might take weeks or months for your efforts to bear fruit. This is because it takes time for search engines to index and ranks your profiles. Additionally, it takes time for people to find and click on your profiles. However, you will eventually see results if you are patient and consistent with your profile submission.

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