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AWS Cloud Solutions: Healthcare Use Cases

Healthcare business teams frequently must browse various systems to locate the desired data. Once they discover the data ā€“ assuming they have self-service access to it ā€“ integrity and dependability concerns arise. Organizations fight to remove data silos, liberate shared comprehensions, and guarantee data quality. This is further exacerbated in the healthcare industry by the requirement to secure PHI and enable HIPAA compliance.

Are these difficulties familiar?

Fortunately, cloud-based solutions exist to overcome these challenges.

Below are examples of instances in which we successfully combined our healthcare knowledge with

Amazon Web Services (AWS) to enable our clients to:

  • Achieve cost savings
  • Smooth IT difficulties
  • Maximize business agility
  • Support interoperability.
  • Provide a trustworthy single source of truth
  • Protect data
  • Enable actionable insights via analytics.

Amazon Connect Reduces Costs for Contact Centers

A pharmaceutical benefit management plan desired to replace its high-priced, outdated contact center product with an innovative, cloud-based solution that could expand with business requirements. They sought our assistance in establishing call flows, designs, security, and integrations. Amazon Connect was deployed with Amazon Web Services (AWS) products, including Kinesis, Lambda, DynamoDB, and Lex.

The cloud-based architecture and usage-based pricing reduced hardware and license costs by $500,000 annually. Bots enhanced productivity by optimizing call flows and decreasing the number of manual authentications.

Increasing Member Satisfaction Through Enhanced Omnichannel Services

The largest payer in the Midwest saw a decline in customer satisfaction due to poor first-call response and billing anomalies. To rapidly and successfully handle concerns, the payor must upgrade its historical member experience platform with a single profile view.

We developed an omnichannel program for member services and transferred the data platform to the AWS cloud using Databricks. In addition, we supplied MuleSoft services, Tableau reporting, and Agile project management to enhance member communications overall.

Streamlining Time-Consuming Data Processes and Visualization

Another significant U.S. payer customer encountered lengthy data collection lag times. The difficulty of producing facts and proportions necessitated combining 30ā€“40 enormous tables. We were tasked with deploying various Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud-based apps and implementing Tableau, a real-time analytics dashboard. This elastic and scalable cloud solution reliably gathers and visualizes business and operational data at scale, decreasing lead times to zero and boosting capacity with high-memory parallel processing.

This solution has the capability to:

  • Offer Immediate
  • self-service data access,
  • Daily processing of billions of records
  • scalable as required.

Modernizing Analytics and Data

A global provider of health services requires a more inclusive perspective of the economics (e.g., distribution income, expenses, and rebates) related to the items it sells and distributes. In addition, it had to assure the correctness of financial transactions and allow CMS rebate reporting.

As the client’s trusted partner for AWS-based data and analytics modernization, we designed a platform using DevSecOps and AWS account structures to satisfy these requirements. This solution gives enhanced data insights to the client’s internal and external partners for pharmaceutical distribution, billing, and rebates.

Perficient + AWS

Perficient is familiar with the complexity of the healthcare business and the particular issues healthcare enterprises face. Our healthcare group provides business and technology consultancy insights that assist our customers in adapting to the current digital consumer experience expectations. This strategic direction is translated through technological solutions enhancing clinical, financial, and operational effectiveness.


As an AWS partner, we have significant knowledge of Big Data, data warehousing, business intelligence, and analytics, and we collaborate with customers to convert data into timely and actionable insights.

We offer data lake road plans, fast implementation trials, and full-service lifecycle engagements. Our primary purpose is to create a more efficient “time-to-value” delivery model employing a data lake in addition to or as a replacement for an EDW, as well as best practices to prevent the data lake from becoming a “dumping pond.”

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